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Every garden has a story to tell about the people who helped make it, the challenges faced, solutions found, lessons learned and the unexpected pleasures along the way.  Not your normal vegetable plot, edibles and plants for wildlife intermingle in lush profusion. Your vegetable plot can look beautiful as well as bountiful: a recipe for happy, healthy living.  Here, children from First Steps Nursery tell their Pocket Garden Story in their own words.

The children have had a great time preparing the pallet garden, from sowing the seeds and taking them home to nurture them, planting them up helping them to grow, learning about the supporting eco systems and how nature works in harmony.

As you will see from our photos the children have been hands on developing and sourcing the resources required for the design.

Things that have proved a bit more difficult for our novice gardeners is growing plants from seed, sourcing some of the plants in the design and getting them to grow with the poor weather that we have had this spring.

It has been a great learning project for the children and has sparked their interest in birds, bees and insects as well as gardening.

Watering new plants

Planning out the base

Filling bottles to plant

Goal 3: Good Health and Well-being

Each Pocket Garden celebrates one of the seventeen Global Goals. The Goals aim to protect our planet and improve the lives of people everywhere. Children at First Steps Nursery focus on improving health and well-being with their Pocket Garden.

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