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The Living Garden, hosted by the Garden for Life Forum promotes wildlife friendly gardening. Schools were invited to design a small garden including celebrating the 2017 year of History, Heritage and Archaeology. In this design, an old doll’s house has been given a make-over for some new residents. Who do you think they are?

Every garden tells a story about the people who helped make it, the challenges faced, solutions found, lessons learned and the unexpected pleasures along the way. Here is Laurieston Day Nursery’s Pocket Garden Story in their own words:

The children had fun designing our garden. They carefully drew their designs and then as a group decided what one they liked best.

Our plan was bright and colourful and had lots of ideas to help attract the ‘mini beasts’. Planting seeds in the garden was fun; great care was taken to make sure that the seedlings had a good start.

We spoke to the children about the seeds and how we should look after them to make sure they grow.
The house started to become much more mini beast friendly as we carefully positioned sticks and stones to make it more attractive for our little friends.

We watered them and when we felt they were ready we brought them into the Nursery Room so that we could keep closer watch and spray them with water more often.

When we felt they were ready we carefully replanted our plants from their plant pots in to the Pocket Garden. This was a tricky job and we had to be very careful. The children were pleased to see it all come together, as it had been a long process that they had worked hard on.

Set up at nursery

Lots of insect habitat

Laurieston's Bug Hotel

Potting plants

Greenhouse at nursery

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