Scottish Spring Clean Live Lesson

Week commencing 20th March 2023

Did you know that spring cleaning is not just a practice related to cleaning homes after long and cold winters, but a tradition linked to some cultures and religions around the world that has been practiced for centuries?

But what does spring cleaning have to do with the environment? Why do we find ourselves needing a Spring Clean Campaign every year? And what would happen if we didn’t?

Join us throughout a week of morning lessons and activities open to all ages, to inspire you and your pupils to take part of our annual Spring Clean Campaign and join the fight against litter!


Schedule of Sessions

All ages lessons: 9.30 - 10am 

Monday 20 March:  ‘Spring Clean’: including the history of spring cleaning, what does spring cleaning mean today and why do we need to ‘spring clean' Scotland every year.

Tuesday 21 March: ‘Impact of litter on wildlife’: Stories, facts and figures about pollution in land and sea.

Wednesday 22 March:  ‘Clean environment and happiness’: Jenny Lester from Play Scotland will join us to talk about games, the wonders and history of playing, and why we really need to look after our playgrounds and parks.

Thursday 23 March: ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’: What is the real source of litter and why is it getting worse? Understanding the three Rs and the little and big things we can do to help.

All ages Assembly: 9.30 - 10am 

Friday 24 March: Assembly: remembering what we learned during the week and looking at all the great work schools did throughout the week.




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