Plastic Pollution Live Lesson

It’s been around for only 100 of the 6.5 billion years that our planet has existed. However, we are producing so much of it that a bin lorry worth of plastic waste enters our oceans every minute, and today it can be found up in the highest mountains, in the deepest oceans, in the air we breathe and even in the food we eat.

But how much do we know about its history, or how we got here, and how some people are trying to solve this problem?

Our Plastic Pollution live lesson includes a short, inspiring lesson for Early Years-P3 with children’s author Sarah Roberts courtesy of the Scottish Book Trust, a full morning for P4-P7 classes with science writer Isabel Thomas, and our own experts in KSB joined by the Marine Conservation Society, and a pre-recorded workshop for High Schools.



Storytime for Early Years to P3

Acclaimed author and naturalist Sarah Roberts reads her book ‘Somebody Swallowed Stanley’, and inspires us all to act on plastic pollution. Special thanks for support from The Scottish Book Trust.

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Upper Primary

Workshop 1: When were plastics invented? How do we produce plastic? What are the problems and benefits of plastic? How did we end up having such a big problem with plastic? Find the answers to these and more questions through this first workshop delivered by our own experts from Keep Scotland Beautiful and by colleagues from Marine Conservation Society UK.

Workshop 2: With the support of The Scottish Book Trust, acclaimed science writer and children’s author Isabel Thomas will take us on a journey that will go from how plastic bottles for fizzy drinks were invented, to they way in which scientists are working to solve the plastic pollution problem and how we can all be part in this fight.

Assembly to celebrate your work 

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High Schools

Pre-recorded workshop to accommodate your own timetable.

When were plastics invented? How do we produce plastic? Are plastics good or bad? What is the problem with plastic and why should we care? Find the answers to these and more questions through this interactive workshop prepared by our own experts from Keep Scotland Beautiful.

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All Ages Assembly

An Assembly to wrap up our Plastic Pollution Live Lesson. Let's see what we remember, and answer some of your questions to our guests. Includes a showcase of pupils' work sent in throughout the week.

Extra Learning: Create a Wormery

A wormery can be a great way to handle organic waste instead of sending it to landfill.  Join Rachel from The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland to find out how you can create your very own wormery and learn more about these fantastic ambassadors for recycling!

For more information visit RZSS Discovery and Learning.





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