Mini Lesson: Paws on Plastic

This Mini Live Lesson is part of a series of shorter sessions for your class or Eco-Committee featuring the work of experts and organisations, and advice on how they can take action.  Designed with upper primary in mind but suitable for all ages.


Paws on Plastic revolves around the simple but effective idea of using daily dog walks as an opportunity to pick up a few bits of litter. With over 12 million dogs in the UK alone, imagine the positive impact if we all got involved.

We are grateful to Marion Montgomery for her time and collaboration.

Watch Again

Paws on Plastic was founded in 2018 by primary school teacher Marion Montgomery, who lives in Stonehaven in the North East of Scotland. It has attracted 21,000 dog owners and followers from over 70 countries. By taking simple, positive action, the Paws on Plastic community is removing over 30 million pieces of litter every year from our streets, beaches, parks and countryside.

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