Litter Isn't Beautiful

Litter is a serious problem.  It looks awful, affects our health and well-being and harms wildlife. 

In support of our annual Spring Clean Scotland campaign, this Live Lesson is all about Litter & Waste, with special guests from Scottish SPCA and Auchindrain Historic Township.  


Primary Schools

A series of three workshops explaining the difference between litter and waste, why both are such a huge problem, how litter affects animals, what we can learn from how we used to live, and what we can all do to reduce litter and waste.


  • Workshop 1: How Litter Affects Animals - Scottish SPCA
  • Workshop 2: How We Used to Live: Auchindrain Historic Township
  • Workshop 3: Litter vs Waste and What We Can All Do - Keep Scotland Beautiful

Download lesson resources


  • Do you remember? Lesson overview.
  • How old is this crisp packet?
  • Quiz answers
  • Examples from schools
  • Litter Stinks song




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