Climate Action Week 2021

With Scotland hosting COP26 and the increasing need to take action on Climate Change, we are pleased to offer interactive teaching and training sessions for Climate Action Week. Please use these recorded lessons in your classroom along with the accompanying resources.

We are grateful to our special guests from the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS) for helping to make this lesson possible.


Upper Primary

A series of five interactive lessons aimed at helping your class understand what climate change is, its impacts, how we are contributing to this situation and how we can contribute to its solution. These lessons are supported with resources and activities that classes can carry out after the each lesson. By the end of the lessons, your class will come up with an Action Plan to work towards. Celebrate afterwards with a One Planet Picnic.  

Download lesson overview & resources

Lesson 1: Carbon Footprints

  • What is climate change?
  • What are greenhouse gases?
  • Game: Which has a higher carbon footprint?
  • Experiment: Greenhouse gases and temperature
  • Effects of rising temperatures 
  • How we are affecting the environment
  • What we can do

Lesson 2: Climate Change & Nature

  • How climate change affects nature
  • Examples of habitat loss
  • Visit to Penguins, Polar Bears, & Koalas 
  • Why forests are so important
  • Examples of good conservation initiatives
  • Visit to Scottish Wildcats
  • What we can do

Lesson 3: Food & Climate Change

  • Food sources of greenhouse gases
  • Game: Which of these foods is lower carbon?
  • Whats in a snack?
  • Experiment: emissions from food waste
  • Food supply chain video and questions
  • What we can do -3 tasty tips

Lesson 4: Oceans, Water & Me

  • The link between climate & oceans
  • Water all around us
  • My water footprint
  • Experiment: impact of climate change on sea levels
  • How climate change is impacting our oceans
  • Litter and pollution from source to sea
  • What we can do to protect our blue spaces

Lesson 5: Examples of Climate Action

  • Orkney: the Islands with too much power
  • Beldorney Estate
  • Community of Arran Seabed Trust
  • Lynbreck Croft
  • Young people taking action
  • Ideas for your school

High Schools 

This workshop is for whole classes or Eco-Committees in High Schools who would like to further their understanding of Climate Change, its effects, the relevance of COP26 and the different ways we all can take action.  The workshop will also help Eco-Committees and groups to have a better understanding on how to plan an effective set of goals and actions, and they will finish the workshop with an Action Plan to work towards Climate Action.

Download lesson overview & resources

Dear World Leaders

In 2021, we gave pupils the chance to send a message to world leaders attending COP26 in Glasgow. Here is what they sent!

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