Biodiversity Week 2022

The current climate crisis coincides with a crisis in nature, driven by human activity. COP15 United Nations Biodiversity Conference takes place this December in Montreal, Canada, bringing together countries from all over the world to agree on targets to make sure we halt the current loss in biodiversity.

But how can we stop the age of extinction?

We can start by understanding how vital every single component of our living world is, and reminding ourselves our position in the orchestra of life: we are not the conductors, but musicians playing alongside equally special and unique musicians. 

Our COP15 Biodiversity live lesson is an invitation to keep learning how magnificent and vital every single component of our living planet is, and how important it is for us all to work hard to not lose them.

The live lesson includes a short, inspiring lesson for Early Years-P3 broadcast from the RZSS Edinburgh Zoo; a full morning for P4-P7 classes with two workshops delivered by author, naturalist and eco-journalist Sarah Roberts and by experts from RZSS Highland Wildlife Park, and a pre-recorded workshop for High Schools.

We are grateful for the support of our friends at Scottish Book Trust and Royal Zoological Society of Scotland for helping to make these lessons possible.


Early Years to P3

We once again welcome our friends from RZSS Edinburgh Zoo who with the help of some of their animals, will teach us how all species from small to big are important for our planet to be healthy and for us to live.  

Download lesson overview & resources

Upper Primary 

Workshop 1: What do the Himalayas, the Arctic and the Cairngorms have in common? Jasper Hughes from Highland Wildlife Park RZSS will take us on a journey to answer this question and to learn about these fascinating habitats, the unique adaptations that its inhabitant species require, and how they are linked to climate change and the coming COP15.

Workshop 2: Acclaimed author and eco-journalist Sarah Roberts  shares with us her experience working in many of the most extreme and attractive places on Earth, where she has been amazed by unique habitats and extraordinary species, witnessing their sad decline but also meeting some of the many people who are passionately working to restore nature.  Download the lesson overview.

Download lesson resources

High Schools

This is a pre-recorded session to accommodate your own timetable, with pause points for discussion, with a linked debate activity. The lesson will cover the history of UN COPs, with a focus on the upcoming Biodiversity COP15 taking place in Montreal, Canada. We will discuss the importance of biodiversity, with definition of relevant terms and understanding its importance to human health and wellbeing. We will consider what young people can do to help protect and restore biodiversity locally and globally. The session will introduce a debate activity, where students will learn the wide ranging effects that single species can have on an ecosystem and then debate the issue of reintroducing Wolves to Scotland.

This session is relevant for a wide range of subjects, including English, Biology, Geography, Social Studies and Modern Studies.

Download lesson resources

All Ages Assembly

An Assembly to wrap up our Biodiversity Live Lesson. Let's see what we remember, and answer some of your questions to our guests. Includes a showcase of pupils' work sent in throughout the week.




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