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We are happy to provide remote learning to schools for pupils either at home or in the classroom.

Primary Schools: Climate Action Week recorded lessons

A week of interactive lessons to help your class understand what Climate Change is, its impacts, how human activity contributes to this situation and how we can contribute to the solution.

Lessons are supported with classroom resources and by the end of the lessons your class will come up with an Action Plan to work towards. 

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Primary Schools: Introduction to Climate Change 

This online course is free of charge and  includes a range of practical and creative activities. Covers 4 main areas:

  • Basic science behind climate change.
  • How to measure our changing weather.
  • Ethical questions around climate change.
  • Positive actions we can take to combat it.

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Primary Schools: Lessons with Doug Allan

Doug Allan is a natural history cameraman and presenter on programmes including Blue Planet.  He is also one of our Upstream Battle Campaign Ambassadors.

Doug hosted a series of live lessons on our YouTube channel to share his experiences and answer questions from pupils. 

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Secondary Schools: Climate Ready Classrooms     

One-day accredited Carbon Literacy training course for young people aged 14–17 years.  Uses interactive activities and examples to start a conversation about climate change.  Pupils completing the course receive Carbon Literacy accreditation. 

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Secondary Schools: Climate Action Week workshop     

A workshop for Secondary school classes or Eco-Committees on Climate Action. Modules include: Fast Fashion, Energy and Food.  Accompanied by classroom resources and activities for during and after the lesson.

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