Check Progress

Once you have carried out your actions, it’s time to look back and see if they have been successful.

There are two parts to checking your progress:

1. Repeat your Awareness Survey to see if there have been any changes in connection to nature in your establishment.

2. Revisit your Action Plan and decide if you have achieved your aims. Think about what went well and what you would like to do differently in future.

Don’t worry if some of your actions could not be completed or were not successful in achieving your aims. Please still include them in your final award submission. Let us know what you learned from these experiences and what you would like to do differently next time.

We have example Action Plans, with the evaluation column completed, to give you an idea of what we are looking for:

Products Action Plan in a nursery progress checked

Biodiversity Action Plan in a primary school progress checked

Water Action Plan in a secondary school progress checked

Please note that these Action Plans contain the minimum of three actions, but you can have as many aims and actions as you want.

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