Young Food Entrepreneurs

Young Food Entrepreneurs is our schools based project supporting young people to explore food, sustainability and enterprise.

To express an interest in future presentations of Young Food Entrepreneurs for your school, send an email stating Young Food Entrepreneurs in the subject line confirming your contact details to food@keepscotlandbeautiful.org.

Secondary schools in SIMD areas 1 to 4 are eligible to take part.

There is a need to establish a new generation of people passionate about food and sustainability who are keen to develop this in their working lives. Building Scotland as a Good Food Nation requires young people to contribute to increasing the supply of locally grown, processed and supplied food which is nutritious, affordable and easy to access.

Two iterations of the project have engaged with over 300 students in nine secondary schools from four local authorities (Fife, North Lanarkshire, Clackmannanshire and Glasgow City). 

Young Food Entrepreneurs works with groups of young people aged 11-15 years, their teachers and CLD practitioners providing a framework to: 

  • Use sustainable food as a context for learning and interdisciplinary development.
  • Explore their local opportunities connected to food.
  • Connect with people working in our food systems.
  • Build teacher understanding and confidence in the concept of sustainable development and Learning for Sustainability processes.

The project includes a one day professional learning course for teachers as well as a programme of in school sessions led by Keep Scotland Beautiful staff supporting more in-depth learning within the project.  It is particularly relevant for those leading on Enterprise, Green Careers, Skills for Work and Life, Learning for Sustainability and Good Food Nation initiatives. 

Students develop their enterprise skills and demonstrate their sustainable food knowledge through planning and hosting a One Planet Picnic prepared using sustainable ingredients e.g. seasonal, local, organic, or ethical produce as well as focusing on reducing packaging and food waste.

The project builds awareness of and develops pathways into the diversity of employment opportunities in food and drink by connecting young people with those who work within our food systems.

When reflecting on the project students felt that important factors to consider when purchasing food were:


“…it being grown locally is really important because less greenhouse gasses will be released if it isn’t far away…”


“treating people fairly is important”


“…even if food looks good it might not taste good…”


“...it may be better to pay a bit more for food so people are treated fairly and there is less environmental damage…”

Through their feedback on Young Food Entrepreneurs project teachers involved noted:

“YFE is a good fit with Enterprise, Eco-Schools and Food and Technology work. A nurture group of S2 pupils took part. The project gave the students an opportunity to communicate their knowledge of local food networks and was a good framework for them to learn about sustainable food production. The session led by a local business was relevant and engaging and we are developing this new connection further.”

“Two of our S3 Food and Health classes participated and they found the Keep Scotland Beautiful led sessions provided stimulating and enjoyable opportunities for active learning. The YFE project would be a valuable addition to the school improvement plan and we would like to develop the food business connection in the future.”

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