These short videos illustrate different sustainability aspects of food, from social justice to food waste. There's practical advice and information here too.  Use these short video clips for your own interest and learning as well as to share with others to stimulate questions and conversation. 


PETROL IN MY FOOD From Camcorder Guerillas On Vimeo (length: 3.12)

An old lady may have swallowed a fly, but we are consuming precious crude oil as a result of how we feed ourselves. Inspired by the rhyme ‘There was an old lady that Swallowed a fly’ this video shows links between our food and crude oil. An origami animation, it can speak to both adults and children.

Bonita: Ugly Bananas From Jan Nimmo On Vimeo (length: 23.02)

From Plant to Box From Jan Nimmo On Vimeo (length: 9.12)

Pura Vida (Pure Life) From Jan Nimmo On Vimeo (length: 28.29)

Wheat Harvest From Makaria Farm On Youtube (length: 4.22)

Trailer for Food inc. the movie From Robert Kenner (length: 2.15)

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