Make your lunch a One Planet Picnic

Tips to turn your family or individual lunch into a One Planet Picnic:

What do I need to do?

Try to include ingredients that are local and seasonal, organically grown or ethically traded.  

Reduce food and packaging waste - avoiding single use plastics is a great place to start.

What else?

If you are heading outside with your One Planet Picnic you might need something to eat it with and something to sit on – a  jumper in a bag works well!

Make sure that you can clean your hands before you eat.


How and why to have a One Planet Picnic

A powerpoint you can show others.

Coronavirus advice

Please continue to follow NHS Scotland and Scottish Government advice.


Fun food to eat with your fingers

Some people say that food tastes better if you eat it with your fingers!  It is certainly more tactile!  Here’s a few ideas of foods you can eat without cutlery:

Sandwiches, rolls, vegetable sticks, tomatoes, radish, wraps, sushi, pizza slices, pitta bread pockets, pasties, falafel, samosas, hard boiled eggs, crackers, potato skins, frittata, nuts, berries.

Tubs, cups, plates and cutlery

Individual portions in re-usable containers mean you can eat straight from your lunch box or use the lid as a plate; no need to take a bag for your dirty dishes and it will save on the washing up too.

If you are taking food you can’t eat with your fingers, (e.g. trifle) portable cutlery sets for camping or travel are very useful.  They’re available to buy in plastic, metal or bamboo!

Sports drinks bottles will help you stay hydrated on a hot day and there are lots of re-usable, insulated cups to buy that are leak-proof if you want to take soup or a hot drink.

An empty lunch box is a neat way to take home your unavoidable food waste (e.g. banana skins).  A wipe clean cool bag could also be a good solution.  Wherever you eat, remember to take any waste away with you.

Somewhere to sit and eat

If you are heading to an event or to a venue for the day, there may be chairs and tables available for you to sit at.  Outside, look for park benches, or low walls where you can sit to eat. 

Some venues, such as Riverside Museum in Glasgow, invite visitors to sit at the chairs and tables provided inside for your One Planet Picnic lunch.  A picnic blanket or coat laid on the ground or a jumper in a plastic bag give you somewhere to sit if you are heading outdoors.


Need some inspiration?

For information on seasonal food, click here.

For buying local produce online, click here.

For general information about food and produce in Scotland, click here.

For some recipes from Keep Scotland Beautiful, click here.

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