Litter Less Case Studies

Over the past seven years, we have worked with 191 schools across Scotland through the Wrigley Litter Less Campaign.  Here are some of the best examples of how participating schools have worked in partnership with their communities to improve local environmental quality in the places they care about.

Allanton Primary School

Pupils started a project to improve recycling and prevent litter in their school grounds.

Anderson High School

Pupils combined their John Muir Award and participating in Da Voar Redd Up to increase achievement.

Apple Tree Nursery

Children took to the shore to decrease the amount of unwanted rubbish on the beach. 

Ardnahoe Nursery

Children undertook a project to raise awareness of dog poo surrounding their nursery.

Aultmore Park Primary School

Pupils set up a system to award house points to the house with the cleanest playground. 

Ballachulish Primary School

Pupils organised a community clean up and distributed dog fouling bags to the community.

Bargeddie Primary School

Pupils worked to improve the environmental quality of their community using their funding.

Beattlie School

Pupils carried out litter picks on the Union Canal, and worked to make the school plastic free.

Blackfriars Primary School

Pupils cleaned up an area used by everyone and designed a new litter poster campaign

Cambusbarron Primary School

Pupils took their campaign beyond the school gate by taking on a dog fouling problem in their village.

Carnbroe Primary School

Pupils purchased bins, litter picking equipment and a banner to improve a litter problem in their grounds.

Castlebay Community School

Pupils combined projects on Litter and Waste with another school and conducted a clean up of a local beach.

Clacks Support Service

Pupils attending the service set themselves the goal of reducing litter in the school and the surrounding area.

Cornton Nursery

The nursery held monthly community action days and worked to combat fly tipping, vandalism and littering.

Deanpark Primary School

Pupils decided to clean up Bavelaw Burn after expressing concern at litter affecting people and wildlife.

Doune Primary School

Pupils minimised waste produced by the school and found an innovative way to reuse food waste.

Furnace Primary School

Pupils used their Wrigley Litter Less funding to clear litter from their neighbouring beach and village.

Gavinburn Primary School

Pupils adopted a local wildlife area to take care of and organised a community clean up.

Glenburn Primary School

Pupils encouraged everyone in their school to not only put their rubbish in a bin but to recycle it whenever possible.

Golfhill Primary School

Pupils chose their local burn and organised a community clean up day, with parents and local organisations.

Hamilton College

Pupils cleaned up a local burn, organised a litter pick and studied the effects of litter on water quality and wildlife.

Happy Days Nursery

Children held a day of action on with a litter pick in all nearby streets. Nearly 100 people attended to help. 

James Gillespies Primary School

Pupils improved both recycling and litter in the school with posters, new bins and a community litter pick.

Lochinver Early Learning Centre

Children looked at the effects of micro plastics and encouraged local fishermen to join the KIMO initiative.

Mearns Primary School

Pupils improved recycling rates and reduced litter with a campaign of posters, and a cartoon character. 

Pear Tree Nursery

Children created litter posters and carried out a Clean Up with pupils from the nearby high school.

Rannoch Nursery

Children designed their own bin and reached out to local high school pupils with as Litter Police.

Litter Less Around the World

A look at the Wrigley Litter Less Campaign in schools around the world  from Organizacion Pro Ambiente Sustentable (OPAS) in Puerto Rico.

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