Water is something many people in Scotland take for granted. We use it for drinking and washing, for industry and agriculture and for making almost everything you could think of. 

The Water Topic has some natural overlap with Litter & Waste, Food & the Environment, and Biodiversity.


Featured Resources

Scottish Water: Generation H2O Primary

A new education initiative empowering young people to take positive action and protect one of Scotland’s most precious resources: water. There are two free educational resources available:


Keep Scotland Flowing (ages 9-11):
Learners will take an interactive journey through the water cycle, challenging them to explore what happens to water and how they can actively preserve it. Resources include: A Teachers’ Guide, Interactive Lesson Presentations, Homework Tasks and Campaign Planning Sheets.

Mission H2O (ages 5-11):
Learners will embark on a series of water-themed challenges at home and school. Mission H2O offers a whole school approach to sustainability with fun, hands-on challenges.  Resources include – A Teachers’ Guide, Mission H2O Assembly, Challenges, Scorecard and Prize Submission Form.  There is also a prize of seeds and a water butt for the class that completes the most Mission H2O challenges within their school!

Scottish Water Generation H2O Secondary

A new education campaign empowering young people to take action and protect one of Scotland’s most precious resources: water. Resources available:


Pitch for the Planet (ages 12-14):
Secondary learners are challenged to consider global issues in water supply before pitching their solution to problems faced by Scotland’s water during the Water Summit Challenge.  Resources include – A Teachers’ Guide, Enquiry Trails, Lesson PowerPoints, Activity & Homework Sheets and Water Summit Challenge Cards.

Our Resources

Active Travel Challenge
Are there good habits from lockdown that we can keep? Such as using more active travel solutions.

Bathing Water Quality
Find out what affects bathing water quality.

Just One Piece of Paper
this activity shows pupils how much water is needed to produce one sheet of paper. 

Mini Live Lesson with Froglife<
We welcome British wildlife charity Froglife for a fantastic workshop all about pond building and creating wildlife habitats in schools and communities.

My Beach Your Beach
Classroom resource from S1-S6 on water quality issues affecting bathing water.

My Own Folktale
Some questions from Allison Galbraith to help pupils create a water creature folktale. 

Ocean Plastics Live Lesson
Join Doug Allan for a lesson on ocean plastics. 

Ocean Plastics Classroom Resource
To accompany the Ocean Plastics Live Lesson. 

Oceans, Water & Me
How climate change is affecting the oceans.

Oceans, Water & Me Lesson Reflection
Reflect on learning from our Climate Action Week 2021 lesson on Oceans and Water

Plastic Pollution Live Lesson 2022
What are the problems and benefits of plastic? How did we end up having such a big problem with plastic?

Sea Level Change Experiment
Demonstrate the consequences of sea and land ice melt as a result of global warming.

Sea Turtle Game
a simple way for children to understand the impacts of plastic pollution on wildlife.

Water Calculators Activity
It might rain a lot in Scotland but saving water helps to save energy.

Water Filter Activity
Learn how polluted water is filtered to make it drinkable. 

Water Live Lesson 2021
A series of workshops on water as habitat and inspiration. 

Resources From Other Organisations

Active Travel Challenge
Are there good habits from lockdown that we can keep? Such as using more active travel solutions.

Marine Conservation Society - Fun & Learning
Resources for teachers, families and young people

Plastic Oceans - The Facts About Plastic
Plastic Oceans are dedicated to ending plastic pollution and fostering sustainable communities.

Scottish Water - Education Resources
Find out lots of interesting things about water, learn more about the water cycle, saving water, and play games

The World's Largest Lesson - Clean Water for All
Free lesson plan for Science and Geography on global inequality of access to clean water.  Ages 8-14.

Toilet Twinning - Flush Away Poverty
Learn about unequal access to sanitation and what must be done to make a difference.

Water Explorer
For ages 8-14. Take action to save our precious water through fun, interactive missions. Supported by WESSA Eco-Schools South Africa.

World's Largest Lesson - Goal 6
Download lesson plans, comics and other resources on food to use in your classroom.

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