Food and the Environment

In Scotland, we have year-round access to nutritious, affordable food, produced both at home and imported from around the world. Most of us can name foods that are part of a healthy diet, but which of those foods are also good for environmental health locally and globally?


The Eco-Schools objectives in this area cover physical, emotional and cognitive aspects. Motivation for sustainable living is gained through practical action, emotional engagement, and improved understanding:   

Hands – reconnect children and young people with raw foods and ingredients and their processes of production.

Heart – foster an appreciation of local distinctiveness and the intimate associations between place and food.

Head – develop awareness of the impacts on the environment of different methods of food production and processing.

Head : heart : hands – develop an awareness of the links between our food choices, the environment and people and places elsewhere.                                                                                     

Through work on the Food and the Environment Topic, pupils should:

  • Understand the range of food choices available to us.
  • Understand the resources and skills required for food production and processing.
  • Recognise the value of healthy, stable ecosystems to food production.
  • Understand the wider environmental implications of our food choices.
  • Recognise the dimension of social responsibility in our food choices.
  • Recognise our own food culture within a diversity of food cultures.

Classroom Resources

Our Resources

Resources From Other Organisations

Food Standards Scotland - Eatwell Guide

Use the Eatwell Guide to help you get a balance of healthier and more sustainable food. It shows how much of what you eat overall should come from each food group.

Nourish - Food Atlas

This Scottish Food Atlas draws together issues around food, using stats, graphs, and maps to communicate the evidence

RHET - Scotland's Farming Year

Scotland's Farming Year is an educational video series which gives children an insight into many aspects of Scottish agriculture and helps them to understand where their food comes from. Topics include sheep and lambing, pigs, eggs, ploughing and harvest.

RHET - Educational Posters

RHET offer a number of educational posters covering a wide range of subjects relating to food and farming. Check out the new Food & Farming Activities poster. How many activities can your class tick off?

Zero Waste Scotland - Food Waste Monitoring Toolkit

Toolkits for your catering team and for teachers and pupils. The catering team toolkit is for monitoring kitchen waste (preparation waste, spoilage and unserved meals). The teacher and pupil kit is for monitoring plate waste from the canteen.

World's Largest Lesson: Goal 1

Download lesson plans, comics and other resources on food to use in your classroom.

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