Low Carbon Skills

The choices we make as consumers play a large role in fighting climate change. It's important to know where our clothing and food are produced, and to make every effort to avoid unnecessary waste.  

These films and classroom resources have been made by pupils in Kirkcaldy High School, Kemnay Academy, and St Benedict's Primary School.  We hope they will help start a conversation in your classroom about sustainable consumption and encourage your pupils to make low carbon consumer and lifestyle choices.

Fashion & Textiles

Message in a Bottle - Kirkcaldy High School

Working with David Luke of Manchester, pupils from with Kirkcaldy High School are pioneers in creating an Eco-uniform where their clothing is made from recycled plastic bottles. 

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Never Refuse to Reuse - Kirkcaldy High School

A film made by S4 pupils at Kirkcaldy High School talking about plastic waste and how they are doing their part to recycle plastic waste by investing in an Eco-uniform. Pupils learned about their own behaviour as a consumer, and how they can make more sustainable decisions.

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Eco-Fashion: Setting a New Trend - St Benedict's Primary School

Featuring young pupils from St Benedict’s Primary School, this film is full of ideas on how to put on an Eco-Fashion or Trashion Show. It’s a great way to get pupils thinking about where their clothing comes from.

Food & Energy

Source Local, Buy Local

A film made by S4-S6 pupils at Kemnay Academy with Mackies of Scotland talking about their new sustainable initiatives and the importance of knowing where food products come from.

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