Climate Action

Climate Action is our new core topic and must be one of the three Topics covered in order to achieve a Green Flag Award.  This topic covers learning about climate change and its effects, as well as actions that help reduce your carbon footprint.

Resources From Other Organisations

Education Scotland - Exploring Climate Change

A resource designed to help teachers improve their practice in learning and teaching relating to climate change.

Nature.Scot - Climate Change Impacts in Scotland

Climate change is happening now. How we choose to respond won’t just affect the survival of individual species and our distinctive landscapes. Climate change impacts will also affect our economy, culture and lifestyles.

Royal Geographical Society - Climate 4 Classrooms

Curriculum linked teaching resources about climate change for pupils.

SEPA - Flooding Education Resources

Resources to use with your class to talk about flood risk, climate change and emergency preparedness. Includes animations, presentations, and visits from Flood Advisors.

The Climate Coalition - Show the Love

This handy school guide with corresponding activities is a creative and crafty way to get pupils involved in learning about how climate change affects the everyday things they love.

UNESCO - Getting Climate Ready

Do you want to make your school more climate-friendly? If so, this guide is for you!

WHO - Climate Change and Health

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has outlined the effects of climate change on our health and has produced useful infographics.

Young Climate Warriors

Young Climate Warriors is a great way to carry on conversations begun in class at home.

YPTE - Climate Change and Animals

This factsheet takes a look at some of the challenges that animals might have to face in the future.

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