The world is made of an amazing invisible web that we rarely recognise. Healthy biodiversity supports healthy ecosystems which make life possible. We can support biodiversity by encouraging wildlife and habitats, supporting conservation and connecting to nature through our senses.  

The Biodiversity Topic has some natural overlap with Water, Litter & Waste, School Grounds and Health & Wellbeing.

Our Resources

All About Flapper Skates 
A worksheet to accompany our Live Lesson with RZSS.

Biodiversity & COP15 Live Lesson 2022
 Interactive lessons on our Biodiversity Topic timed to coincide with the UN Biodiversity COP15 in Montreal.

Biodiversity Live Lesson 2021
Learn why every species counts, how books help us connect with nature and how Fairtrade is important for habitats.

Craftivism Activity
Make an artwork inspired by the work of Scottish Artist Paul Bartlett.

Comic Strip Template
Create a comic strip about the story of a plastic bottle, a marine animal or anything else!

Garden for Life Resources
Make your garden a haven for wildlife with the Garden for Life Forum.

Hurray for Dandelions!
Dandelions are often considered weeds but they are a source of pollen and nectar for insects in the Spring.

Mini Live Lesson with Froglife
We welcome British wildlife charity Froglife for a fantastic workshop all about pond building and creating wildlife habitats in schools and communities.

Scottish Species Word Jumble
Can you unscramble the names of these Scottish native species?

RZSS Animal Bingo Game
A game designed to increase pupils' knowledge of biodiversity. You'll need Bingo Cards too.

Sea Turtle Game
A simple way for children to understand the impacts of plastic pollution on wildlife.

Web of Life Activity (9+)
Learn about the wider impacts of biodiversity loss and ecosystem collapse.

Wildlife Watch Part 1
We share our environment with thousands of other species - what wildlife lives near you?

Wildlife Watch Part 2
How can we care for an animal that lives near us?

Resources From Other Organisations

BBC School Radio - Red Squirrels 
Find out all about red squirrels and how to protect them.

Butterfly Conservation Scotland - Identify a Butterfly
Not sure what kind of butterfly you have found? Identify it here.

Butterfly Conservation Scotland - Big Butterfly Count 
A nationwide survey to help assess the health of our environment.

RSPB - Give Nature a Home 
No matter the size of your garden the RSPB has activities to suit.

RSPB - Wild Challenge Awards 
Help wildlife, explore nature and earn awards for your school!

RZSS Useful Websites 
List of resources courtesy of Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS)<

Scottish Natural Heritage - Dictionary of Gaelic Words 
A dictionary of Gaelic nature words.

Scottish Natural Heritage - Activities for your Class 
Free resources to bring Scotland's nature and landscapes to life outdoors or in the classroom.

Scottish Natural Heritage - Scotland's Species 
A detailed list of the species living in Scotland's diverse habitats.

Shark Trust - Eggcase Hunt  
You can become a citizen scientist by helping The Shark Trust find and record eggcases

Stride Global Citizenship Magazine - Go Fish! 
Interactive game about sustainable fishing linking learning to SDG 14.

UN Convention on Biodiversity - Teacher's Corner 
Resources compiled by the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity

World's Largest Lesson - Teaching Resources 
Lesson plans, comics and teaching resources on biodiversity.

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