Water Live Lesson 2021

Our blue planet has five immense oceans and 113 seas. They represent 72 percent of the surface of the globe and are or have been connected, one way or another, to every molecule of water that can be found on Earth and inside every living being.

This Live Lesson is a morning of live workshops all about Water, with special guests from the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RSZZ), and Storyteller Allison Galbraith courtesy of the Scottish Book Trust

This lesson has been designed for Upper Primary but all pupils are welcome

Please use these recorded lessons in your classroom along with the accompanying resources.

Water Workshops

Meet the Penguins at Edinburgh Zoo and learn about endangered Flapper Skates. Hear stories about Scottish legends of mermaids and kelpies, and learn how much water it takes to make some every day things. 


  • Lesson 1: Water as a source of life and as a habitat - Royal Zoological Society of Scotland. 
  • Lesson 2: Water as a source of creativity, emotions, and mystical creatures - Storyteller Allison Galbraith courtesy of Scottish Book Trust. Be prepared to have a bit of noise in your classroom as pupils will be part of the stories!
  • Lesson 3: Water as a resource that we all depend on and need to look after - Keep Scotland Beautiful Education Officer Joe Wilkin-Oxley

A detailed overview of the content of workshops can be found here.


All About Flapper Skates for Lesson 1

Shark Trust Eggcase Activity for Lesson 1

My Own Folktale Activity for Lesson 2

Mermaid Rhyme for Lesson 2

It's Just One Piece of Paper Activity for Lesson 3

This is the full unedited recording - please fast forward through the break.

Lesson Contents:

  • Meet the Penguins
  • All about Flapper Skates
  • Flapper Skate Activity
  • Watery Myths and Legends
  • My Own Folktale Activity
  • Water is precious
  • How much water in everyday things?

Assembly Contents:

  • Do you remember? Water footprint.
  • Quiz Answers
  • Your Questions!
  • Prize Draw
  • Examples from schools.

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