Biodiversity Live Lesson 2021

Biodiversity is AWESOME! From mini-beasts to mighty trees, It’s magical, mysterious and magnificent. And it affects and makes possible all parts of our lives.

This Live Lesson is a morning of live workshops all about Biodiversity, with special guests from the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS), Fairtrade Schools, and Children's Author and Veterinarian Gill Lewis courtesy of the Scottish Book Trust

  This lesson has been designed for Upper Primary but all pupils are welcome

Please use these recorded lessons in your classroom along with the accompanying resources.

Biodiversity Workshops

Meet the wolves living at Highland Wildlife Centre and learn about what caused Wolves to become extinct in Scotland, what Pine Hoverflies and Wolves have in common, how powerful words are and how they help us look after nature, and how choosing Fairtrade makes a huge difference.



  • Lesson 1: What is biodiversity and why every species counts. Looking at some of the most endangered animals in Scotland. - Royal Zoological Society of Scotland
  • Lesson 2: Did you know that words are powerful and books are fierce and dangerous beasts that can also help us connect and look after nature? - Author Gill Lewis courtesy of Scottish Book Trust
  • Lesson 3: How Fairtrade is not just important for communities but for habitats too, and how we can all be guardians of the rainforests by supporting them. - Fairtrade Schools

A detailed overview of the content of workshops can be found here.


Native Nature Bingo Cards for Lesson 1

Native Nature Bingo Game for Lesson 1

Animal Riddle Activity for Lesson 2

Animal Riddle Activity Example for Lesson 2

Guardians of the Rainforest Activity for Lesson 3

Extra Resources:

RZSS Animal Bingo Cards

RZSS Animal Bingo Game


Lesson contents:

  • Meet the Pine Hoverflies
  • Meet the Wolves
  • Native Nature Bingo Activity
  • How we connect with nature
  • Words are powerful! 
  • Animal Riddles activity
  • Forest friendly farming
  • How we can all take action for a fair future
  • Guardians for the Rainforest activity

Assembly Contents:

  • Do you remember? Wolves & Pine Hoverflies
  • Quiz answers
  • Your questions!
  • Riddles
  • Examples from schools
  • Next up: Water

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