Litter & Waste

Litter & Waste is the only core topic in the Eco-Schools programme, and must be one of the three Topics covered in order to achieve Green Flag Award status.  This topic covers actions on  litter, dog fouling, flytipping, and graffiti, as well as waste minimisation actions such as recycling and composting.


Eco-Schools Curricular Map - Litter & Waste Topic

Experiences and outcomes related to the Litter & Waste Topic are all laid out in this curricular map.



Litter Prevention


Marine Litter

There is a clear path from land to sea, with litter dropped on our streets and beaches ending up in our waterways and eventually in the ocean. According to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) 80% of marine and coastal litter comes from land based activities.   


Single Use Plastics


Waste Minimisation


Food Waste


Textile Waste

WRAP - Love Your Clothes

Love your clothes exists to reduce the impact of clothes on the environment.


Paper Waste


Instructions and videos on how to make your own paper from Recycle Devon.

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