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Have a look through the most frequently asked questions if you're struggling or have any issues with the Eco-Schools programme. Use the headings below to quickly find the answers.

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Online Application


What if I forget my password or login details?

Please contact us to reset your details. You can choose to phone our offices or email us.


I have taken over Eco-Schools from a colleague who has now left. How can I log in and recover previous materials?

Contact us and we can supply your school's online log-in details. One of the best assets of the Eco-Schools Portal is that everything is saved online, so it should be fairly easy for a new Eco-Coordinator to pick up from wherever the previous Eco-Coordinator left off.


I don't have an account on the Eco-Schools Portal, what can I do?

Please contact us and we can get your school registered and ready to start a new Green Flag Application.


I can't move on to the next page, why not?

In order to move on in the online application system, you need to complete all fields before you will be granted access to the next page in the application. That means all text, photos, and/or buttons must be completed on the page before progressing.

Green Flag Award


We've just been awarded our Green Flag, when do we start another application?

As soon as possible. Once you recieve your Green Flag, you need to log-in to the Eco-Schools Portal and click the "Start New Application" button.


Will I receive a new Green Flag when I renew my award?

In order to consume fewer resources, as of 1st November 2019, we will no longer send out a replacement Green Flag with every sucessful renewal. If you require a replacement you can purchase one for the reduced price of £20 plus VAT. We still send flags to schools earning their first Green Flag Award or re-joining Eco-Schools after a break.


I can't take a photograph of some of my Eco-Committee members, what do I do?

Child protection is more important than an Eco-Committee photo. If you don't have the necessary permissions to take photos of your Eco-Committee, your photograph could be part of your committee, one member, a mascot, caricatures, a drawing, or anything else you feel represents your Eco-Committee.


Do I select new topics every year?

No. You only select topics at the begininning of each Green Flag Application.


Why does a Green Flag assessment no longer involve a mandatory visit?

As the Eco-Schools Scotland programme has evolved, we want to ensure that we can provide appropriate support to as many schools as possible throughout their Green Flag Application.  There are a number of advantages to our online application system: schools receive ongoing support throughout their application, and we reduce the environmental impact of the assessment process by significantly reducing both travel and paper usage.


How can I share other evidence, such as photographs, with you?

The online application system has several sections that require photographs as evidence, such as the Eco-Noticeboard, but often schools wish to share further images with us. You can share images with us by either emailing us at ecoschools@keepscotlandbeautiful.org or via Glow using gp15raecatriona@glowmail.org.uk. Please make reference to the name of your school when you send evidence to us using these methods.

Action Plan


Why is there a Draft Action Plan?

We have a Draft Action Plan so we can check you're on the right track. This is an opportunity for us to offer advice and we've found that this helps to avoid any hiccups later in your Green Flag Application.


When do I submit my draft Action Plan?

The deadline for submitting a draft action plan is three months after starting a new Green Flag Application. Remember that the Action Plan is a working document and doesn't have to be perfect!


Do I need a separate Action Plan for each topic or each year?

Please submit one action plan that includes all three topics. The action plan covers all actions for each topic for the full duration of your application regardless of whether that is a one-year or two-year application.


What if the Action Plan I'm working on is hand-written?

Our Eco-Schools Portal is meant to be completely paperless. You can choose to scan your documents or take a picture on a smartphone, we don't mind as long as it is legible! However, if you are struggling to submit paper based evidence please contact us and we will be able to help you.


How many actions do I need for each topic?

We need to see at least three actions planned for each topic although many schools choose to do more. It's important to remember that even if the outcome of an action isn't what you intially expected it doesn't mean that it is invalid.

Sustainable Development Goals


Can I choose more than one Sustainable Development Goal to link to?

We would like you to choose the one single goal which best links to your context and your chosen topics.  You may find that during your application your work also incorporates other goals and this may lead to you choosing a new Sustainable Development Goal in your next Green Flag Application.


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