Mearns Primary School

Mearns Primary School improved recycling rates and reduced litter in the playground with a campaign of posters, and a cartoon character. They shared ideas with nearby Our Lady of the Missions Primary School and hope to continue this partnership in the future.

Pupils wanted to reduce the amount of litter in their playground after noticing that rubbish was increasing in the playground.

They also wanted to encourage everyone to separate their waste effectively in the dinner hall.

Pupils organised a campaign to with a cartoon character to encourage everyone to bin their litter.

Posters designed by the pupils were professionally printed and dates were set to complete a survey to monitor effectiveness of the campaign. 

Funding provided through Wrigley Litter Less was used to purchase t-shirts for the waste management team to wear in the lunch hall at lunch hall when they were explaining how to separate waste.

Litter pickers, tabards and a new bin were also purchased so that groups of children could take part in Clean Ups of the

Links were made to work in Maths, Enterprise, Citizenship, Health, Social science, Science, ICT, and English.

Pupils invited nearby Our Lady of the Missions Primary School to visit and share their ideas and debate future action.

Members of the Eco-Committee, P7s and P5s attended this and this will inform the rest of the campaign.

Pupils were particularly interested in their ideas of finding litter hot spots and rewarding children for cleaning up litter.

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