Lochinver Early Learning Centre

Children at Lochinver Early Years Centre began a marine litter project funded by the Wrigley Litter Less Campaign, looking at the effects of micro plastics like glitter and microbeads, and encouraging local fishermen to join the KIMO Fishing for Litter initiative.

Lochinver Early Years Centre has been carrying out a marine litter project as part of their participation in the Wrigley Litter Less Campaign through Eco-Schools. 

Their £200 grant was spent on litter picks, and leaflet

Children have been learning about the dangers of marine litter and where it comes from and have produced two leaflets: one for the fishing industry and one for the local community.

They hope to persuade local harbours to join the KIMO Fishing For Litter Initiative and raise awareness of plastic waste recycling and micro-bead/glitter pollution in the local community.

Fishing for Litter is an imaginative yet simple initiative that aims to reduce marine litter by involving one of the key stakeholders, the fishing industry.

Participating vessels are given hardwearing bags to collect marine litter that is caught in their nets during their normal fishing activities.

After raising awareness through leaflet survey, meetings
with harbour master and Highland Council, and the Council is now in talks with KIMO representative to take initiative forward.

Next, they plan to approach neighbouring schools and Highland Council to encourage them to use biodegradable glitter.

Children are now keenly aware of the effects of marine litter and some of its sources. Lochinver and Achiltibuie beaches have benefited from beach cleans.

Children are aware of types of litter found and can sort into properties of materials. They're also aware of the journey of dirty water through the sewage works and use of sludge cake.

Lochinver EYC used their Eco-Code to spread the word about their activities through the sale of reusable shopping bags helping to reduce plastic bag pollution.

Community recycling leaflets have raised awareness of micro-beads and plastic glitter.

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