Hamilton College

Pupils at Hamilton College took on the project of cleaning up a litter problem at a local burn. They organised a community litter pick and studied the effects of litter on water quality and its effects on wildlife.

At the initial stage of the Wrigley Litter Less Campaign, some of our pupils and parents were not keen on picking up litter near the Cadzow Burn, due to health and safety concerns.

These concerns were reassured and the children had a wonderful time collecting litter.

A huge sense of satisfaction and pride was felt by the pupils that they had helped clear a community space, and make a difference to wildlife.

Biodiversity has been one of the topics pupils had chosen for their Eco-Schools Action Plan that year.

By making improvements to a local waterway, they felt they could contribute to the safety of wildlife in the Cadzow Burn.

Parents and local business were also involved in the project and the school expressed their gratitude for their time and involvement.

Primary 5 pupils undertook a unit of learning on the importance of water in their Science topic so could see the real-life links to their Wrigley Litter Less project.

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