Golfhill Primary School

Golfhill Primary School’s Eco-Committee wanted to take care of an area of their community that could be enjoyed by everyone.

They chose their local burn and organised a community clean up day, with plans to carry out future work along with parents and local organisations

In 2015/2016, our Wrigley Litter Less Campaign looked at the problem of marine litter in local waterways. Pupils at Golfhill Primary School chose a local burn for their project.

The Eco-Committee members met to discuss opportunities for amenity improvements in school grounds and in their local community and chose a local burn called the North Burn as an area they would like to clean up.

Teaching staff carried out a risk assessment and an initial site survey was undertaken with the class, identifying potential areas of improvement.

Pupils returned at a later date with equipment to clean up the area. Parents were invited and the local councillor lent her support.  The local newspaper had a double-page spread on work that the class had carried out. The children were pictured along with a local Councillor and the cleansing department were also involved.

The article went on to mention the fact that a follow-up visit is planned by the Clyde River Foundation where activities will include electro-fishing. Children also carried out OPEN (Open Air Lab) assessments on water purity and quality. Work was featured by on-site local press photographer and litter was uplifted by local council litter department. 

An unexpected result was that more adults family members have committed to future work and visits.

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