Glenburn Primary School

Pupils at Glenburn Primary School decided to encourage everyone in their school to not only put their rubbish in a bin but to recycle it whenever possible.

From carrying out their Eco-Schools Environmental Review, pupils at Glenburn Primary School knew they were doing well with recycling, with bins in each classroom but they thought the school grounds could be tidier and so decided to use their Wrigley Litter Less campaign projects to encourage their classmates to put their litter in the right place.

In order to improve the situation with litter in their school grounds, they first assigned a class every week to pick up litter at break times.

Funding from Wrigley Litter Less allowed them to purchase a class set of litter picking equipment and gloves for this task.

Pupils then put together a presentation for an assembly on Citizenship, about the importance of binning their litter and the role of the litter patrol in keeping the school tidy.

Posters were made and displayed throughout the school.

The recycling bins all received new labels to make it clear where litter should go, and to encourage everyone to not only bin their rubbish, but to recycle it whenever possible.

Citizenship assemblies were also used to discuss the importance of recycling materials, particularly paper.

A whole school Clean Up was organised and everyone took part in cleaning up the school grounds and also a trip to a nearby beach where pupils cleared up litter and had the opportunity to talk about how our plastic waste affects marine wildlife.

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