Gavinburn Primary School

Pupils at Gavinburn Primary School decided to adopt a local wildlife area to take care of a local wildlife area they used for Forest Schools.

Together with the local nursery, members of the public and parents, they organised a community clean up and plan to continue these activities through their Eco-Schools work.

In 2015/2016, our Wrigley Litter Less Campaign looked at the problem of marine litter in local waterways. 

Pupils at Gavinburn Primary School chose a local wildlife area to work on and implemented the Wrigley’s Campaign through their Eco-Committee.

Eco-Schools is an important part of the Pupil Council and includes House Captains, Junior Road Safety Officers and Eco Representatives.

The Eco-Committee reps linked with Gavinburn Nursery, school staff and local volunteers to work together.

The school Eco-Committee partnered up with the nursery to reduce the litter problem in a local wildlife area called The Saltings which is used as a forest school site and as a popular nature walk.

The site was badly littered by members of the public and by pupils. To tackle this problem the school used funding from Wrigley Litter Less to buy litter pickers, high visibility vests and recycling bins.

The Eco-Committee decided to involve the nursery as they wanted to raise awareness of the importance of recycling from an early age.

Strong curriculum links through outdoor learning and Forest Schools encouraged the children to clean-up and look after the environment and link in very well with the campaign.

Communication was very important with regular meetings to report and plan new projects.

Pupils carried out surveys and questionnaires, created graphs and took lots of photographs, this information was recorded helped pupils evaluate and improve their plans.

The children and the local community have pride in their local area and hope to continue caring for the wildlife area as part of their Eco-Schools sustainability projects.

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