Doune Primary School

Doune Primary School pupils made an organised effort on both Litter and Waste, using surveys of how their fellow pupils used bins to guide their decisions.

Pupils made good progress in minimising the waste produced by the school and found an innovative way to reuse food waste.

Pupils at Doune Primary School knew they were already good at cleaning the school's pond and that they had an understanding of the impact of litter on the local environment and use composting, litter picking and monitoring to maintain wild areas.

They thought that reusing non-recyclables was something they could do better at, and wanted to encourage nursery children and younger pupils to use bins correctly by making them
more appealing and accessible.

Pupils set themselves two goals: one was to raise awareness of Litter as an issue within the school and wider community and the other was to make it easier for everyone to dispose of litter responsibly.

They conducted a litter audit and shared the results with the whole school and used poems, songs, pictures and a video to encourage pupils to use the bins.

Next, they contacted Scouting groups, Guides, churches, and other nearby schools to promote efforts to reduce litter.

The Eco-Committee wrote to companies asking them to reduce the amount of packaging used.

Pupils surveyed the whole school about their opinions on how easy it was to use the outdoor bins and used their responses to change the location and accessibility of the current bins.

They bought handheld binbag hoops and litter-pickers to make the daily collection rota easier to manage, and more hygienic and invested in a new more appealing outdoor bin which is the appropriate height for younger children to use.

Families from within the school community were reminded to pack lunches with less wrapping and the school continued to send the majority of food waste to a local pig-farm to be used as food for the pigs.

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