Cornton Nursery

Cornton Nursery is a Learning for Sustainability nursery in the heart of an area of regeneration and deprivation. The nursery hosts monthly community action days and works with community partners to combat fly tipping, vandalism and littering.

Funding from Wrigley Litter Less was used to purchase resources and fund extra staffing on Fly Away Cornton community action days to afford safe ratios. The community action days educate the community about the issue of litter, and support children to go out in the community and be photographers, reporters and litter pickers and to highlight litter/fly tipping hot spots to local services.

As a result of the series of community action days, children at Cornton Nursery are now able to identify positive and negative behaviours surrounding litter and fly tipping, and the impact their actions have on their community.

Children now encourage others to make positive choices and confidently share their thoughts and feelings through their actions, taking care of their environment and acting as role models for others.

Children and families continue to develop a sense of community pride and the nursery has been recognised as a Learning for Sustainability leading nursery, sharing successes nationwide.

Learning for Sustainability is at the heart of all nursery improvements and weaves together curriculum, campus, community and culture.

As an integrated approach, Learning for Sustainability allows children at Cornton Nursery to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for future learning, life and work.

The nursery continues to hold monthly community action days together with the Eco-Committee from the nearby primary school and organisations such as On the Verge and Keep Scotland Beautiful.

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