Clackmannanshire Support Service

Clackmannanshire Schools Support Service is for primary and secondary aged pupils with complex additional support needs.

Pupils attending the service set themselves the goal of reducing litter in the school and the surrounding area.

In 2013/2014, many schools participating in Wrigley Litter Less decided to address litter problems within their school grounds.

Pupils attending Clackmannanshire Schools Support Service set themselves the goal of reducing litter in the school and the surrounding area.

In order to do this, they organised an annual Spring Clean and regular weekly litter picks.

They organised an assembly that focused on litter and the effect it has on the environment and designed posters for the bins.

Pupils kept up to date litter measuring charts which linked to the school’s rewards system and good results were celebrated monthly at whole school assemblies.

An action point was created in the school charter under Rights Respecting Schools linking to Citizen of the Month for helping to keep the school litter free.

Funding from Wrigley Litter Less Campaign enabled pupils to purchase litter picking equipment such as gloves, litter pickers and bin liners.

Pupils forged links with their community by helping a local business clear litter outside their office.

The business, Craft Creations, provided refreshments afterwards to the pupils that cleared the litter.

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