Castlebay Community School

Pupils at Castlebay Community School combined projects on Litter and Waste in partnership with another school and conducted a clean up of a local beach.

Pupils at Castlebay Community School decided to combine work on both Litter and Waste projects in their school as part of their Wrigley Litter Less Campaign.

The school is located on the island of Barra and is one of only two schools there.

Pupils decided to work together with both schools at keeping their community clean.

The school already hosted a Rag Bag collection point outside the school for anyone to drop off old or unwanted clothing which then results in funds for the school.

Pupils contacted their local authority where another collection point was hosted at a council building and decided to share the clothing collected with the other school on the island.

In this way, pupils ensured the collection of waste fabric materials would continue to keep fabric out of landfill and would provide funding for both schools.

Litter is not a big problem in the school grounds at Castlebay Community School, so funding through Wrigley Litter Less was used to purchase litter picking equipment and to provide transport to a local beach so pupils could conduct a beach clean.

The technical department at Castlebay Community School collected plastic bottles to make a small storage area for their department.

Bottles collected were shown totaliser displaying how many had been collected toward the target amount needed to build the shelter.

In terms of waste, it was important to pupils that materials were used completely and nothing was sent to landfill unnecessarily.

They began a campaign to encourage everyone in the school to use paper on both sides when photocopying rather than single sided copies, to use colour less often when photocopying, to use up scrap paper when necessary, and to monitor paper bins, photocopying bills and paper to see how much was being used.

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