Carnbroe Primary School

Carnbroe Primary School used their Wrigley Litter Less funding to purchase bins, litter picking equipment and a banner to help them improve a litter problem in their school grounds.

Pupils at Carnbroe Primary School conducted an audit with the Eco-Committee at an area of the school grounds called the playtower area and recognised that there was a problem with Litter in this area.

They reinstated the class litter rota with classes from P3 to P7.

Each class was on duty for one week before passing the litter picking equipment to the next class on the rota.

Every time a class finished their week on duty, they completed a monitoring sheet and reported their findings to the rest of the school at assembly on Fridays.

In addition to this, the Eco-Committee carried out impromptu spot checks on litter at their meetings.

Funding through the Wrigley Litter Less Campaign was used to purchase six new litter pickers which were used by each class on their turn on the litter picking rota.

New bins for the P3/4 playground and the playtower area were also purchased, to encourage pupils to dispose of their litter properly and to encourage a positive attitude to litter.

The Eco-Committee selected bins they liked from a catalogue and consulted with the janitor to ensure the bins they chose were easy to empty.

Pupils also designed a banner to be displayed on the school fence to share the school’s anti-litter message with the wider community of Carnbroe.

A group of children designed a banner picture and message and approached a local printer to print the banner.

They then asked the janitor to hang the banner from a fence where it is now displayed proudly in front of three flags: one is the Scottish flag, one is the school’s Eco-Schools Green Flag Award, and the last is the school’s own flag design, linked to the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Pupils in P5 performed a show for the whole school with an Eco theme that included litter called Out of This World.

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