Blackfriars Primary School

Blackfriars Primary School worked with their local community to clean up an area used by everyone, and to help prevent litter becoming an ongoing issue through a poster campaign. Wrigley Litter Less funding helped purchase equipment so everyone could be involved.

Pupils at Blackfriars Primary School had two goals for their school: to improve the situation with litter within the school grounds and surrounding area and to organise a litter pick with the whole community.  

It was important to the pupils that both the school grounds and the area around the school looked nice for the children, the local community and visitors to the school.

Each class took turns to monitor the playground after break and lunch time. Pupils picked up any litter left behind and each class was informed of the number of pieces of litter that was picked up in their playground.

Primary 6 were responsible for picking up litter around the surrounding area of the school on a regular basis and made posters to let the local community know about the litter in the area and the steps that pupils taking to combat this.

The children did a survey of the litter in each of the different playgrounds. The results were then put onto a table and then graphs were drawn of the results.


The children also wrote to different organisations in the area to let them know of the litter problem in the area and also made posters of the community litter pick.

Funding received through Wrigley Litter Less was used to purchase equipment to allow people in the local community to come out and help pupils clean up the area used by everyone. Gloves to fit children, wet weather gear and litter pickers were purchased.

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