Blackburn Primary School

To achieve a Green Flag Award, you must carry out one example of Measuring for our core topic of Climate Action plus one for at least two of your chosen other Topics. Blackburn Primary School’s Eco-Committee used a number of creative ways to Measure their projects and share the results.

Litter & Waste: First, Blackburn pupils created a rota for each class to get involved in daily litter picking.  They hoped that involving every class would discourage littering and reduce the amount of litter found around the school.

In order to see if this approach worked, they weighed the amount of litter collected during each playtime and created a chart to track the drop in weight of litter over the duration of a term.  In total pupils saw a reduction of litter of nearly 2.5kg a week.

Next, the Eco-Committee designated Waste Monitors for each classroom and added Class Dojo points as an incentive to promote good Waste Minimisation practice.

The Eco-Committee wanted to increase the range of items that were recycled at the school alongside paper and waste food. The goal was to reduce waste being sent to landfill by at least 20% within two years.  They developed a monitoring sheet for people to mark when putting something in the landfill bin and the paper bins. 

School Grounds: The school vegetable garden was a huge success, and pupils monitored the growth of the plants on a weekly basis then enjoyed tasting their vegetables with plenty of spinach, peas and potatoes.

The Nurture group and pupils in ASD resources used the produce to make dishes such as soup, quiches, salads, stovies and apple crumble.

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