Eco-Committee: Bishopton Primary School

There is no wrong way to organise an Eco Committee, and lots of right ways.  Whatever works best for your context. Bishopton Primary School pupils shared with us how they organise their Eco-Committee works for their school. 

At the beginning of each year pupils are asked if they would like to be a member of the Eco-Committee. 

Staff are also approached by Eco-Schools Co-ordinators Miss Cruickshank and Mrs McKay.  Everyone who wants to join is allowed as the school promotes a whole school approach.

The Eco-Committee holds a welcome meeting for new members, takes a register and explains its aims for the year ahead. Throughout the year, the Eco-Committee discusses, consults, and reaches decisions as a group, that then make changes across the school. Pupils take turns at leading the sessions and taking minutes.

One story in particular that shows their success as an Eco-Committee is organising and holding a whole school Eco Week. Throughout the week pupils organised a range of different Eco themed activities including: propagation, making Mother’s Day cards from reused materials, planting a variety of vegetables, a performance of an Eco drama called ‘Bag Lady’, an Active Schools archery session and assault course, an Eco Fair led by the Eco-Committee, a no paper day, and an Eco homework grid.

The Eco-Committee put on an assembly and invited a range of visitors to the school throughout the week including RSPB, Taylor Wimpey and Scottish Water. Pupils were fortunate that the Big Pedal was held at the same time as Eco Week. This tied into their Health and Wellbeing topic and allowed everyone to be very active throughout the week. Pupils shared ideas about what they wanted to achieve and made a list of possible activities. The Primary 7s then worked together with staff to organise it.

Mrs McKay contacted lots of local businesses and organisations to ask if they could help throughout the week. The Eco-Committee then helped teachers to create a timetable for visitors which was quite tricky but they were very happy when they finally got it right.

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