Beatlie School

Pupils at Beatlie School concentrated their campaign on the Union Canal, collecting an impressive 31kg of rubbish on their first visit and 25kg on their second visit. They also extended the campaign to include a community litter pick involving the whole school and making the school plastic free where possible.

Pupils at Beatlie School decided to take on a litter problem at the Union Canal. 

They visited the canal twice and carried out litter picks, weighing what they collected after each clean up.

During the litter picks, the pupils noticed that a lot of what they were collecting was discarded plastic.

They found this frustrating especially since this plastic was in danger of being blown or swept into the canal and heading out to sea. 

So, they decided to specifically take on plastic both at the canal and in the school.

They gave a presentation on the effects of marine litter on wildlife and the environment, and started eliminating single use plastics in the school. 

Community litter picks are an activity that Beatlie School pupils have continued well after their initial involvement with Litter Less with pupils braving all weathers to keep their community tidy.

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