Bargeddie Primary School

Pupils at Bargeddie Primary School worked in partnership with their Local Authority, businesses and neighbouring schools to improve the environmental quality of their community using funding from the Wrigley Litter Less campaign.

Pupils decided they needed to improve their school’s litter management systems. They had three goals: to reduce playground litter, to reduce litter in their local community and to raise awareness about the problem of litter in their local community.

To do this, pupils first held weekly litter picks using a rota of pupils to get everyone involved.

They created posters to encourage everyone using the school to put their litter where it belongs. Pupils then created a partnership with other local schools and businesses to reduce the amount of litter in their local community and involve them in the Wrigley Litter Less Campaign.

Lastly, pupils used the results of their Eco-Schools Environmental Review and lessons on litter assemblies to spread the word about the effects of litter to the whole school and community.

Curricular links were made with maths, enterprise, citizenship, health, science, ICT and English.


Pupils also shared litter less work with another school in Ireland, comparing what worked well and what each needed to do better.  Results were shared again after the Litter Less project.

Funding through Wrigley Litter Less helped to purchase extra bins that were needed to ensure there was always a place for litter to go.

Pupils made a mascot called Necol, who won first place in a Local Authority competition.

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