Ballachulish Primary School

Using funding from the Wrigley Litter Less Campaign, pupils at Ballachulish Primary School improved the cleanliness of their playground, organised a community clean up day and distributed dog fouling bags to people throughout the community.

The aim of the Wrigley Litter Less campaign at Ballachulish Primary School was to improve the cleanliness of the playground., to tidy up the village, display litter posters throughout the village and distribute dog fouling bags from the school. The Eco-Committee led the campaign.

Monitors in the school reported back at weekly assembly as to the state of the playground and any pupil seen picking up litter that was not theirs was recognised.

Litter monitors in the school are now part of the weekly routine of the school.

The Eco-Committee now have a box of dog fouling bags from the council and committee members make sure they are regularly handed out to anyone in the school and nursery that
needs them. 

Ballachulish is a popular tourist village, and pupils like to keep it free from litter and dog fouling.

Each of the three classes take an area of the village to be responsible for.

Around springtime each year the school runs a Keep Our Village Tidy poster competition.

These posters are then put up in prominent places around the village and surrounding area for locals and tourists to see.

In May, pupils took part in Clean Up Scotland and did a clean up with the Community Council.


Pupils were all involved in identifying areas of the village that needed to be tidied up then each class choose an area to be responsible for.

The school has been involved in a number of projects that are community based such as painting an underpass, planting bulbs round the village hall and planting flowers in tubs around the village.

Pupils feel by playing a part in keeping the village tidy they are contributing to village life and this gives them a sense of belonging.

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