Anderson High School

With funding from the Wrigley Litter Less campaign, pupils at Anderson High School combined their work on the John Muir Award and participation in Da Voar Redd Up, increasing achievement 


Anderson High School were awarded the Best Initiative Award 2014/2015 for increasing achievement in the John Muir Award whilst participating in the Litter Less campaign. The school’s Eco-Schools Co-ordinator recognised that pupils would be more motivated to clean up their environment if they achieved some form of an accreditation for doing so. The John Muir award was selected as it linked very well with the campaign. The achievement level increased across the school with 88% of the young learners achieving an award and 75% achieving the higher Explorer Level.

As part of the Voar Redd Up, pupils at Anderson High School audited litter collected along the local coastline and around the school grounds.

This was the fourth year the school has been involved in Da Voar Redd Up and this year with the help of funding through Wrigley Litter Less pupils broadened the scope  of the clean up after reviewing and evaluating previous efforts.

With funding, Anderson High School bought litter pickers and bag carriers which made the initiative more accessible and engaging for all pupils.

Anderson High School contributed their data to the Shetland wide Voar Redd Up data bank.

They also submitted figures to the John Muir Award audit of community clean-up data, contributing to the local and national picture.

Grant funding supported the expansion of pupils participation in Da Voar Redd Up campaign allowing a group of S3 and S4 pupils to achieve their John Muir Award as an extra curricular activity.

Pupils planned to undertake an extreme Voar Redd Up to clean up an otherwise inaccessible part of Shetland’s coastline. Funding secured through Wrigley Litter Less allowed purchasing of necessary equipment.

“The John Muir Award, in which our litter campaign is embedded, is now an integral part of our junior school curriculum. Every S2 class participates in the community clean up around our local coastline and school grounds. Thanks to funding we bought litter pickers and bag carriers which made the initiative more accessible and engaging for all pupils.” Teacher, Anderson High School, Shetland.

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