Allanton Primary School

The Eco-Committee at Allanton Primary School carried out a project to improve recycling and prevent litter in their school grounds.

Pupils contacted North Lanarkshire Council to request bins and advice on how to increase recycling and reduce litter after noticing a problem in the outdoor space at the school.  They decided to purchase new paper and card bins, new food waste bins for the dinner hall and an extra bin for the nursery.  

They also used Wrigley Litter Less Campaign funding to purchase child size bins to make it easier for younger learners to use them. 

The Eco-Committee led a whole school assembly ahead of Waste Week to show everyone at the school the new bins and talk about what materials went in them.  They also made posters to display throughout the school.

For the nursery class, a teacher led a litter pick every day for a week and photographed all the available bins for the children to access indoors and out.  She then created a set of homework tasks to establish the use of the different bins at home and in school. 

Another teacher created a homework sheet to design visual clues and character names for the bins.

The Eco-Committee then took another look at the amount of litter that was collected in the school grounds that morning and found that the amount of litter was now minimal even after morning break which was fantastic.

They then looked at the types of rubbish collected in the bins and realised that everything had all been placed in one bin and not separated at all which was a new problem.

So the Eco-Committee discussed the importance of separating waste in each class and reminded everyone what all the different types of bins are used for. 

They identified the bins and their colours that the children have at home and made the link between those at home and those at school. 

This resulted in an overall reduction in litter in the school grounds and an increase in the portion of waste generated at school that is sent for recycling instead of to landfill.


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