Measuring, Curriculum & Community

In this section of your Green Flag application, you will tell us about your Eco-Schools journey including what you achieved, how you evaluated your work, what you learned, and how you involved your community. These are the things we will look for when assessing your application.

As part of this evidence you must include the following:

  • For each of your chosen topics, at least one example of how you measured your work
  • At least one example of how your Eco-Schools activities have linked to the curriculum
  • Examples of how you shared your Eco-Schools work with the school and wider community
  • Examples of how you involved your wider community in your Eco-Schools activities

Not sure what evidence to include?  Have a look at this template for ideas.

Have a look at each section below for examples of what your evidence could look like.


Measuring helps you to assess how successful your actions have been.  Pupils must carry out one example of Measuring for each of your three topics. 

More about Measuring.


Eco-Schools is a holistic programme which supports critical thinking and pupil engagement. For pupils, Eco-Schools provides knowledge, skills and motivation that is likely to stay with them in later life. 

More about Curriculum.


A key aim of Eco-Schools is to involve your whole school and the wider community. It is important that everyone in the school has the opportunity to be involved in your Eco-Schools projects. 

More about Community

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