Eco-Schools At Home

Activities you can do at home based on the Ten Eco-Schools Topics. Inspired by some of our favourite examples from school assessments and adapted for families.


Seven Elements

Environmental Review

The Environmental Review investigates what your environment is like right now so you can decide what you might like to change. Answer these few questions to find out what your household is doing well and where you want to make improvements.   You can print this out or fill it in on your screen. You can also make your own Review.

Do the Environmental Review

Action Plan

Make an Action Plan of the projects you would like to try at home.  Add to it as you go through your projects.  You can bring this to school to add to your Green Flag Award application.  You do not have to use our template, but if you make your own make sure it has all the same information on it.

Print an Action Plan template.

Litter & Waste

Litter Survey

A litter survey helps us discover where and what types of litter are causing a problem in our community. We then have a better idea of how to fix the problem.  An activity for families to do at home to support Eco-Schools activities at school.

Conduct a Litter Survey

Litter Analysis

An activity to convert data to a graph to make it easily understood by anyone who sees it.

Analyse your survey data

Build Your Own Wormery

Watch Rachel from The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland explain how to build your very own wormery and find out how to take care of these fantastic ambassadors for recycling!

Build a wormery

Single Use Plastic

Even though a large part of the plastic that we use can go into the recycling bin, the collection of these bins might be altered as some local authorities won’t have the usual number of people working, and some waste centres will be closed. So what better time to look into alternatives to recycling!

Find out how much single use plastic you use.

Our Waste Collection Services

As Scotland adapts to Coronavirus, and some of us help by staying at home, many others are helping by continuing with their essential work. Some of these jobs involve the collection of waste and recycling from households and roadsides. Can you imagine what the impact would be on all of us if these services were withdrawn?

Investigate waste collection services


Hurray for Dandelions!

Dandelions are widely considered terrible weeds, but they are full of wonderful properties for people and a fantastic early source of pollen and nectar for insects who have been waiting hungrily all through the winter.

Find out more about Dandelions

Wildlife Watch Part 1

We share out environment with thousands of other species who often need our help to make sure they can survive. One of the easiest ways we can all help is by simply looking out for and identifying different types of wildlife around where we live.

What wildlife lives near you?

Wildlife Watch Part 2

Following on from Wildlife Watch Part 1, we are now going to look at how we can care for an animal that lives near us. We could decide to help them out with a new habitat, or maybe better access to food? The tricky part is figuring out the best way to help them.

How can you help wildlife?


Energy Investigators

Understanding of where energy comes from and how not to waste it is key to reducing our carbon emissions. How Scotland and all other countries choose to change to a low carbon/clean energy future is extremely important to the success of combating climate change.

Investigate your energy use.

Energy Savers Activity 

Sometimes it is easy to forget that leaving a light or tv on when we leave the room has impacts on the environments. If we could all reduce our energy usage to only what we need rather than wasting energy, then that would significantly reduce our carbon emissions.

How much energy could you save?


Water Calculators Activity

Many people think that since it rains in Scotland all the time, there is no need to avoid wasting water, but saving water helps to save energy.  Have a look at how much water your household uses and see if there are ways you could cut down your use.

How much water could you save?

Water Filter Activity

We are going to learn about how polluted water is filtered to make it drinkable and you will get a chance to filter your own polluted water to make it as clean as possible with very little work.

Build your own water filter

Global Citizenship

Children's Rights Activity

An exploration of children's rights in Scotland and in Haiti.  Meet Adline who lives in Haiti and learn about your rights.  Create a video, poster or essay with what you discover.

Learn about children's rights.

Coronavirus Diary Activity

Following on from the previous activity on ‘Children’s Rights’. You are now going to tell your story during this coronavirus pandemic. Just like Adline told us about his life in Haiti.  How has your life changed since going into lockdown?  Create a video, poem, voice recording - anything you like to let the world around you know how the pandemic is affecting you and your family.

Create a Coronavirus diary.


Seasonal Map Activity

Our plan for this activity is to create a map of all the different environments in your local area.  Did you know 37% of Scotland’s greenhouse gas emissions come from transport?

Create a seasonal map

Active Travel Challenge

Now that we are returning to school and starting the journey back to normal life, are there good habits from this lockdown that we can keep? Such as using more active travel solutions.

Take the active travel challenge.

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