Intro to Climate Change

Welcome to Primary Schools: Introduction to Climate Change. 

Our Introduction to Climate Change resources introduce pupils to key concepts surrounding climate change aims to establish basic knowledge relating to the main issues, impacts and effects that relate to it.

Below, you will find links to the different units making up the course. These units include short activities and links to interactive resources. The resources have been adapted to suit a range of current learning arrangements and delivery methods, so units are designed to be starting points, which educators can add to and elaborate on to suit pupils.  

Unit 1: Climates  

Unit 2: Climate Change  

Unit 3: Climate Justice  

Unit 4: Climate Action  

Please also use the 'Notes' sections of the PowerPoints – here, you will find links and information relevant to the content and teaching of the course. 

We hope you find our Primary Schools: Introduction to Climate Change resources useful and please email any questions to ecoschools@keepscotlandbeautiful.org 

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