Climate Action Schools

Climate Action Schools is our framework of education initiatives to support Scotland’s educators, young people and children to progress Learning for Sustainability and climate change education. 

We're here to help you understand the challenges our environment faces and to empower you to take positive action.

Climate Action Schools focuses on five main outcomes: Learning for Sustainability; Climate Emergency; Biodiversity; Litter and Pollution; and amplifying Pupil Voice.

All of our education activities from the hugely successful and internationally renowned Eco-Schools programme to our innovative Climate Ready Classrooms programme, to Young Reporter's for the Environment and our live lessons fit under our Climate Action Schools framework.

If you are participating in any of our education activities, including those above, or our One Planet Picnic, Pocket Garden, Upstream Battle or our professional learning for educators, then you are already on your way to becoming a Climate Action School.

In the autumn we will be inviting you to pledge your support for climate education and encouraging you to join us and the Climate Action Schools network as we work together to make Scotland's Net Zero ambitions a reality.

Our climate needs you.   Our young people and children need you.



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