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#TurdTag snapshot highlights our dirty habits

#TurdTag snapshot highlights our dirty habits

You helped us understand the problem and we want to help you tackle it.

Following a call-out for daily exercisers to record and #TurdTag the scale of the dog fouling problem, evidence has now been collated to help us highlight the severity of the issueby creating a snapshot of the findings.

More than 100 volunteers across Scotland surveying 100m in their community reveals:

  • an average of 12 dog poo incidents per 100 metres; and
  • 1.5x more bagged and littered dog poos than those left unbagged.

National audits carried out last year by the charity showed that 10% of surveyed sites were blighted by dog poo, but this snapshot survey also shows the high level of dog owners bagging the poo and then littering it. 

So it seems that some dog owners are only completing 'half the jobbie' - they're bagging it but not binning it. 

We're now calling for owners to #FinishTheJobbie and #Binit or #TakeItHome.

Interested in taking the next step in your community? Check out some ideas below to see how you can tackle the problem near you.

Turd Tag

Raise awareness of the problem in your community by launching your own #TurdTag and encourage everyone to summit data. 

1. Select a 100m stretch to use as a transect.

2. When out on your walk, count the number of bagged or unbagged dog poos you see 

3. Post your #TurdTag on Facebook, X or Instagram tagging  @CleanUpScotland or email us at

4. Repeat – why not choose a different stretch to log the poos you find?

Targeted Leafleting

If the issue is in a very specific neighbourhood or area, you can speak to your local authority about leafleting residents in the area to remind them of them that is is illegal to not pick up after your dog and of the potential harmful impacts dog poo can have our public health. 

Have you had success with a mini-campaign near you? Please get in touch so that we can add it to our list to inspire others to take action -

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