Upstream Battle at Whinhill Primary School

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Posted 14/10/2019

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Our school, Whinhill Primary in Greenock, is located on top of a hill and we have a beautiful view from our playground of the River Clyde. This view is why we are so happy to be working with Keep Scotland Beautiful on their Upstream Battle campaign.

All the pupils in our school know how important our environment is to us, and we love keeping our area tidy and helping out in the school gardens. The Eco-Committee hold regular meetings about what we as a school should be doing and they thought that we should help our local area and river by participating in the Week of Action for Upstream Battle.

As part of the Week of Action, we ran focussed marine litter themed activities to help us learn more and give us the opportunity to help the problem of litter ending up in our seas.


All our classes looked at the presentation provided by Keep Scotland Beautiful, which taught us about marine litter and how it makes its way from land to the sea. This concerned us. As we live close to the River Clyde the last thing we want is the sea life being affected by marine litter.

On the Thursday of Upstream Battle week, our whole school took part in litter picking activities. Primary 1-3 and 7 helped to tidy up our school grounds – which are now looking beautiful! Primary 4-6 headed to Lunderston Bay in Gourock.

Our trip to Lunderston Bay was great. The Clyde Muirshiel Park Ranger met us and gave us some advice on what to pick up. We had such a fun day but also stopped lots of litter from entering the River Clyde. Some of us even wrote songs about marine litter whilst we were on the beach, this certainly made the task easier! It was a hard day’s work but when we reflected on it, we were proud of how we have helped our local environment.

We found lots of plastic bags, glass and even a traffic cone on the beach! I’d hate to see that going into the river.

One of our Primary Six pupils

The activities didn’t stop there. Once we were back at school, lots of other learning and activities took place. GP4-7 and P5 made posters, P4 and P4/3 made art out of litter, P6 wrote letters to our local MP and P7 are now doing some independent research. GP1-3 had a fabulous discussion about litter and were shocked by what they had learned. One pupil said:


It’s great that we are helping the environment by picking up litter, but why should it just be us? It should be a responsibility for everyone.

We would all agree with that.


Our work will not end there though! The Whinhill Eco-Committee are passionate and looking forward to developing knowledge and awareness of marine litter throughout the school and we will work together as a team to keep Scotland beautiful!

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