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Young Reporters on the Route: The Launch of Running Out of Time

A blog post by John Psaila

This #WorldChildrensDay, we are sharing this blog post by a Young Reporter for the Environment. John Psaila, Age 8, reported on the launch of the Running Out of Time relay at the end of September.

This was my first event to join as a Young Reporter of the Environment (YRE). I was nervous but I did it. I had the privilege to be part of the start of the amazing ‘Running Out of Time’ non-stop relay event (ROoT) and to meet some wonderful people, who are dedicating their time and efforts to raise awareness of the climate crisis and the importance of quality environmental education.

The non-stop ROoT relay is going from Glasgow, Scotland to Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt through 18 different countries covering 7,767 km (4,826 miles) over land and sea. The runners, cyclist, rowers, and sailors will carry a baton.  The baton symbolises the 18 countries it will be visiting and calling for the need for and importance of quality environmental education for everyone all around the world.

The wild weather of Scotland showed its tricks on the start day of the ‘Running Out of Time’ relay event. So, the ROoT relay event that was planned to start at the Glasgow Green was moved to Sunnyside Primary School. The school was bursting with enthusiasm, pupils and staff of Sunnyside Primary School were all very excited and proud to be the start location of the ‘Running Out of Time’ Relay. There were cameras crews, photographers, and reporters to capture the whole event from start to finish. There were the designers from C4 Design, who had designed the stunning baton. A masterpiece that will carry the message of the need of quality environmental education.

Lesley Jones, President of the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) and Barry Fisher, CEO of Keep Scotland Beautiful (KSB) were also at the event to strengthen the message of the need of quality environmental education. I had the privilege to interview Lesley Jones and Barry Fisher.

Lesley Jones is President of the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). Lesley lives in Cardiff, Wales. When I asked her, “How does the Environment makes you feel,” a lovely smile appeared on her face, like she could see herself walking her dogs in the beautiful Wales country site. She loves being outdoors doing the gardening in her garden. Working in the garden and getting your hands dirty can help to increase your serotonin levels.

She sees her garden as an important aspect in thriving eco-systems. Her work at FEE involves supporting her teams to design programmes so everyone can access quality environmental education to become aware how they can contribute to the solutions of climate change. FEE gives access to fascinating and supportive programmes, Eco-Schools, Young Reporters of the Environment, LEAF, Blue Flag, and Green Key.

My next interview was with Barry Fisher, CEO of Keep Scotland Beautiful (KSB), a charity with the vision to encourage a Clean, Green, Sustainable Scotland.

Barry lives in Scotland with his family, and they just moved house. He added that they are insulating their home as best a possible to reduce the carbon footprint. Barry and his family work as a team so they all do the most to contribute to the solutions of climate change. They also do their best no to purchases single use plastic (refusing), to minimise their waste (reduce), and to recycle their waste (recycle).  Their garden is a heaven for pollinators. They are also growing trees to enhance air quality and storing carbon. He loves his work at KSB as it provides solutions to challenges. The charity can tailor solutions by working with schools, communities, and businesses.

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Hi, I am John and live in Scotland. I live in Ayrshire with my dad, mum, and brother. We have rabbits, ducks, chickens, cats - Shadow and a hound - Carmen. Carmen is a Collie and she loves being outside looking after the animals. Shadow loves to go into the fields looking for food. We are going to have a second cat soon. I am with the Scouts - Cubs and I do gymnastics. I love the outdoors, with my family we go for walks, bicycle rides and canoeing. I also like creating things and writing stories.

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