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Have yourself a green Christmas

A blog post by Ross Brannigan

We always live in hope of a white Christmas, but here in Scotland the weather never seems to deliver the goods. What we can promise for Christmas 2018, though, is for you to have a very merry and green Christmas.

It is at this time of year we indulge ourselves a little more, but that shouldn’t mean we have to sacrifice our hard work making Scotland a more sustainable place to live.

We have made a list (and checked it twice) to give you some tips on how you can make this Christmas as green as possible!


Christmas dinner made sustainable: We all go a little overboard at Christmas dinner, but instead of buying four dozen cocktail sausages you could save on the added food and packaging waste by thinking smart about your portions. You’ll also have extra space for that homemade Christmas cake!

Hold on to leftovers: Going for a walk on Boxing Day? Make your own Christmas sandwich with your leftover turkey. This is delicious! Otherwise, check out some recipes online.

Use Amazon Smile: Online Christmas shopping? Did you know can support our work to make Scotland clean, green and sustainable and it won't cost you a penny! Select us as your charity using Amazon Smile then shop as usual!

Buy local food: Support your local farm by getting your turkey there. Also, look out for the stamps on your food packaging that show your food was made and packaged in Scotland.

Buy local gifts: There are so many fantastic shops that you can get quirky and practical gifts from. For the cyclist in your family, there’s no need to buy online when your local bike shop has all you need!

Give memories: Make memories at Christmas by getting someone tickets to concerts or a fun day out.

Go second-hand: Facebook is now full of second-hand items, and eBay still has lots of items ready for a new lease of life!


Green wrapping: Wrapping paper is just that – paper! Reuse the newspaper you have kept back that week, or even use bits of an old map. Other ideas are using fabric, like pillow cases or scarves – which is very popular in Japan – or reusable gift bags.

Recycle: It goes without saying – recycle what you cannot reuse! Torn wrapping paper should be recycled, as well as your food packaging (check what your area recycles if you are unsure).

Hold on to your Christmas cards: Any cards you receive, hold on to them and use them for gift tags for next year.

Send e-cards: Instead of sending cards, send an online Christmas card. Look out for charity e-cards, too, which allow you to donate to a charity with your Christmas card.

Pass a gift on: Instead of sending items back that are duplicates or not wanted, pass them on to someone who would! It cuts out return shipping and gives someone a surprise!

Reusable Christmas crackers: Ultimately, Christmas crackers have one use and they are in the bin. Instead, there are guides on how to make fabric and reusable crackers – give them a try!

Make a resolution to live sustainably in 2019.

Did we miss any? Let us know how you make your Christmas eco-friendly. Merry Christmas!

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